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Prologue There was, perhaps, nothing more uncomfortable than being on the losing side of a war and living to tell the tale.

"Draco darling, I do hope you've been keeping up with your studies, despite the upheaval of the previous year," she said, in her soothing, cool voice. Draco's education is secondary to other matters at the moment.""Draco's education is second to nothing," Narcissa said, her voice still calm despite her argumentative words. "You know as much as I do --"Draco couldn't bear to listen to them talk that way, as though they still knew exactly where they stood in the Wizarding community, and knew what would happen next.

"Do make sure you've not forgotten anything.""I will, Mother."Relieved, Draco stood up from the Slytherin table and made his way between the tables until he'd reached the doors of the Great Hall and come to the main entrance hall. He didn't know how it should have been -- he certainly hadn't been keen on the idea of the Dark Lord winning, as he hadn't wanted to spend his life in servitude to that hideous thing -- but he knew that this wasn't it. After everything his family had suffered, after all the sacrifices they'd made for a man who had made grandiose promises and failed to deliver on them all -- what then? For now, he would pack his belongings and leave Hogwarts behind, perhaps forever.

The dull roar of sound from the survivors cut off as soon as the heavy oak door banged shut behind him. Tomorrow was tomorrow, and he would worry about the future when he was good and ready to.

Though they manage to overpower one robot, another knocks Cyclops out the window and captures Jean before departing, believing Cyclops dead.In the study, Craig attended 36 book club meeting and interviewed 53 women from ages 19 to 80 as part of the project.She said that the women felt the opportunity for them to access literature about sex in a more public way was indicative of great forward progress for women, adding that women saw possibility for empowerment as they felt more comfortable openly reading about sex and sexuality.The trio is quickly overwhelmed by Sentinels and attempt to flee the base.Back at the mansion, Cyclops has spent the last four days using Cerebro to scan for the missing X-Men when Peter Corbeau arrives and together they realize why Cerebro can't locate them: because the captured X-Men aren't on Earth.Romantically Hopeless episode 3 "Online Dating." Romantically Hopeless is a new comedy web series about a hopeless romantic with a God Awful Love Life. and Twitter @ https:// Buffalo Written by Jordan Chadwick Imiola.