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Locals tell you that Split is the most beautiful city in the world.

After living here for more than a year, I would have to agree.

Locals will also tell you that the most beautiful women in the world are from Split, and a walk down the fashionable riva on a late Saturday morning is the ultimate free fashion show.

Stylish beauty unparallelled, and - if truth be told - a little intimidating for an outsider, despite my Dalmatian roots.

Croatians tend meet their romantic partners via the traditional methods of mutual friends, organizations, work, or school, etc.

And as mentioned in the paragraph above, your best success with online dating in Croatia will be in Zagreb where there is a larger pool of people from which to choose.

Croatian women are the most beautiful women of the Balkans.

The disease, which is caused by the bacteria, treponema pallidum, causes symptoms ranging from a sore throat and rash to problems with the heart, blood vessels and brain which can trigger stroke, heart disease, dementia, paralysis and even death. A popular theory is that the disease originated in the New World, the Americas, and was transported to Europe by the explorer Christopher Columbus and his crew The sexually transmitted disease causes symptoms ranging from a sore throat and rash to problems with the brain, heart and blood vessels that can trigger stroke, heart disease, paralysis and even death Scientists at the University of Split in Croatia claim to have unearthed a skeleton of a man showing signs of syphilis dating from a Roman grave.

They claim the bent thigh bone, pictured, is proof of the disease A team of scientists from the University of Split in Croatia set out to test the three theories, examining the remains of people unearthed from the Dalmatian area of Croatia, ranging from different historical periods.

The pot plant, the cushions, the bed: now all they represent is failure and loss. In place of a priceless vase or a centuries-old painting you’ll find a single stiletto heel, three volumes of Proust, an axe (that one vengeful lover used to smash his ex-girlfriend’s furniture to smithereens).

Each item is thoughtful, poignant and utterly mundane.