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Strauss in 1984 and titled This book contains detailed descriptions of over 100 such countercountry projects, with photographs of their rulers, passports, coins, paper money, and flags.

The book is available from Loompanics Unlimited (PO Box 1197, Port Townshend, WA 98368, USA) and was last reported at .95. The Micronations Page does not include "countries" which are explained at length in the Strauss book, except in a few important cases; this Page can be considered a "sequel" to Strauss.

Each Micronation listed below is rated from "1" to "5," in brackets (e.g. (Please e-mail me at [email protected] you have any suggestions or corrections to make.) Criteria I used when evaluating each Micronation were: Duration of its existence, whether it had any publications, coverage in the news media, how many people were involved, internet presence (either by having its own web site or being referred to in some article on the web), whether or not it announced its presence to government authorities.

In most cases, Micronation founders have declared dominion over land that actually exists; often tiny, isolated islands, sometimes under several feet of water.

Until now, however, getting accurate & reliable information has been difficult.

In this issue of Northwest Journal we present a compendium of material culture which lists a large variety of items that were used by fur traders in the Northwest between 17.

Beaver Club members), and are especially concerned about presenting an historically typical look.

This list is the first word on this subject, not the last word!