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The state's south includes the Snake River Plain (which contains most of the population and agricultural land), while the south-east incorporates part of the Great Basin.

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The Northern Territory Government will continue to push for an online register of sex offenders, after announcing several public consultation meetings in an attempt to prevent a no-confidence motion.

The Government wanted to debate its so-called "Daniel's Law" legislation in November 2015, which would set up a website publishing images, physical details and locations of sex offenders.

category=4The e-AA Group is an autonomous online A. The chat rooms serve as both our meeting room and fellowship hall.

To participate in our business meeting in which the election of trusted servants, group conscience decisions and fellowship takes place, go to Members, the bottom selection, and fill out the form.

The law applied not only to chat rooms but also to posts reviewing products or seeking information from other users about a service or a product.

The offenders had 24 hours to notify police in writing if they used a new name or Internet provider.

Please refer to the Chat Room Decorum Guidelines for further information concerning this groups guidelines.

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I just can't support such law."The Opposition shared Mr Wood's concerns and said the Government had only consulted stakeholders "after the fact"."It remains that this legislation will do more harm than good," MLA Lynne Walker said."That's why no other jurisdiction in the country has adopted such legislation and that's why it was also rejected at COAG and by former prime minister Tony Abbott."But Mr Elferink attacked critics and said the legislation had safeguards to protect the identity of victims."If a victim is going to be exposed then that person is not put on the register," Mr Elferink said.California can't require registered sex offenders to give authorities their Internet names, email addresses and other identifying information they use on the Web, a federal appeals court decided Tuesday. Proposition 35 required registered sex offenders to report to law enforcement their email addresses and all names they use on the Internet and in instant messaging and social media. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that the Internet reporting requirements of Proposition 35, a 2012 measure designed to fight sex trafficking, infringed on free speech rights.Tuesday's ruling affected only the Internet provisions, which were challenged by the ACLU of Northern California and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an advocate for freedom on the Internet.The groups represented registered sex offenders who completed their sentences decades ago. Harris, whose office defended Proposition 35, could ask a larger 9th Circuit panel to reconsider the case. The Legislature also could amend the law to try to reinstate Internet reporting requirements in a way that would not violate free speech rights.The 24-hour notice requirements also were "onerous and overbroad," the ruling said."Sex offenders' fear of disclosure in and of itself chills their speech," the panel concluded.