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Seriously, it has become one of the preferred methods for meeting a potential mate over the last few years, and grows ever more popular.It makes sense really, considering that it is accessible, convenient and relatively quick to meet someone online.They can be a brief encounter, or a longing for a specific act, object or interpersonal dynamic.

With Facebook and Twitter becoming a part of everyday life, we are growing accustomed to keeping in touch with friends’ day to day activities, and even [...]Often, in the beginning of a relationship we strive to be the best we can be, naturally, because we want to make the best possible impression on a potential partner.

A Divorce Over 50 quite often means dealing with much more complicated financial issues than those faced by younger couples.

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They are a time that we tolerate in order to survive.

According to the Statistic Brain Research Center, the average savings of a 50 year old is ,797; 38% of Americans don’t save anything for retirement; and 36% of Americans over 65 rely entirely on Social Security for their income. This piece from presents a wide angle look at retirement for folks who are in less than ideal financial shape.