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Lascaux cave dating

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In the painted caves of western Europe, namely in France and Spain, we witness the earliest unequivocal evidence of the human capacity to interpret and give meaning to our surroundings.

Through these early achievements in representation and abstraction, we see a newfound mastery of the environment and a revolutionary accomplishment in the intellectual development of humankind.

We are as likely to communicate using easily interpretable pictures as we are text.

Portable handheld devices enable us to tell others via social media what we are doing and thinking.

Approximately 15,000 years ago, we also communicated in pictures—but with no written language.

The second category, “mobiliary” art, includes small portable sculpted objects which are typically found buried at habitation sites.These initial creative achievements fall into one of two broad categories.Paintings and engravings found in caves along walls and ceilings are referred to as “parietal” art.Lascaux cave paintings are perhaps the greatest masterpiece of parietal art ever found.They have fascinated generations of people and puzzled prehistorians since their discovery in September 1940, by a group of four local boys and their dog.A virtual revolution occurred in the creation of art during the period of the Upper Paleolithic in Europe. C., the archaeological record shows that anatomically modern humans effectively replaced Neanderthals and remained the sole hominid inhabitants across continental Europe.