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To parse through all of this, the designer Paul Pangaro came up with a model of conversations called CLEAT: If done right, Pangaro says, we reach lofty goals—shared history, forged relationships, trust, and unity.And all of this should be the goal of good software, he says, because “software with conversation at its heart is more human.”Software with conversation at its heart is more human.The panel “Let’s Chat About Bots” gathered representatives from four companies that have built robust bots for interacting with customers on Facebook’s chat platform Messenger: Anastasia Sartan cofounder and CEO of the Russian e-commerce site Epytom Stylist; Hussein Fazal, CEO of the travel booking site Snap Travel; Felipe Bernal, head of product innovation at the Brazilian IT company Movile; and Chema Alonso, head of digital at the telecom giant Telefonica.Angelique Kamara, of Facebook Messenger Partnerships, moderated.“When we were analyzing how different types of customers were interacting with internet services, a lot of people preferred point and click, others preferred to chat with a bot,” said Alonso. We wanted to be in the channels our customers love.Anticipating the other side of the conversation is not a new communication problem.Between humans, communication is incredibly faulty. Our participation in conversations means not just listening to words and parsing them, but subconsciously listening to dozens of other factors—how a person sounds, what they look like, their body language, where you both are.Currently, 80% of Snap Travel’s bookings are made without any human interaction.

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But remember, although chatbots are a relatively new kind of interaction, they are here to stay – as responsive web design or search engine optimization once were.

Crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index.

We use a huge set of computers to fetch (or "crawl") billions of pages on the web.

In addition, chat platforms are huge user gatherings and new digital communication channels, and precisely chatbots allow us to create conversational experiences integrated with existing web, mobile or native solutions.

The remainder of the text is dedicated to those concepts precisely, which are also related to the news from the F8 Facebook developers conference.