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Crime Johnston County District Attorney Susan Doyle announced that her office would not file criminal charges against the state trooper and sheriff’s deputies who fatally shot an armed motorist July 8, 2017, on Interstate 40 near Benson.

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At the core the film refuses to take itself seriously, which was a smart move by D. Heavily influenced in particular by takes the immediate focus away from Diesel going for more of a diverse ensemble piece, where we take stock of the previous films and events retroactively crafting a cinematic universe around them.Diesel has also smartly surround himself with some of the best action film stars the world has to offer while also bumping up the girl power contingent of his posse.After the device is stolen in a pretty breathtaking action set piece at the beginning of the film, Xander is joins back up with the CIA to track down the crew that stole it.He does so by recruiting his own team of misfits into the XXX program, to find the group led by the charismatic Xiang (Donnie Yen) before they can use the device or sell it to the highest bidder. While at times bordering on self-parody with its magic water skiing motorcycles and Diesel’s rapid-fire one-liners, the film takes what worked from the previous film combining it with the DNA of the Fast and Furious making a hybrid that feels like a fun homage to 80s action cinema.

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Vin Diesel’s “x Xx: Return of Xander Cage” is prepared to make more in China than in North America after getting off to a roaring start in the Middle Kingdom.While the story has a surprising depth it’s Donnie Yen who we last saw in , and his group of badasses that made the film for me.I was honestly a bit hesitant when I heard he was cast in the film, for fear that Diesel would possibly be afraid of being eclipsed by the legendary martial artist.Its Friday debut saw “x Xx” topping the Chinese box office and ending the recent dominance of local-language Chinese New Year titles. Friday, Chinese time, “x Xx” had driven off with .3 million (RMB113 million) according to data from China Box Office. Ticket sales platform We Piao put the total at .3 million (RMB140 million) by 11 p.m. 20, the film flopped, with just million to date.The film could exceed that in its first weekend in China.I want to acknowledge that Russell Coutts and his team were probably the best team of sailors in San Diego in 1995 as well as having the fastest boat.