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In crowded urban areas these apps often locate multiple people within a mere few hundred feet!
I would also like to know if OS X Yosemite would work on an age old Mac Book.

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Details: The subscription plan you choose will automatically renew thereafter and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates.

Sirius XM radios have been designed to provide you with trouble-free performance without the need for servicing.

If you're still having trouble, contact Mercedes-Benz customer care for further assistance at 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES (1-800-367-6372).

Click here for a copy of instructions that you can print out and take to your vehicle.

We have seen satellite radios last anywhere from 7 years to a few months after the warranty runs out. Things that can shorten the lifespan of a radio include moving it in and out of your vehicles and docks, vibrations, dirt/dust, long-term use, and more.

If your radio has finally stopped working, check the standalone options we offer.

Additional troubleshooting tips specific to your Sirius XM radio can be found in your Sirius XM radio’s user guide.

Helpful tips and procedures to improve performance of your Sirius XM radio can be found at Installation Help.

Information on where to recycle SXM products and information on where to recycle rechargeable batteries.

If your radio does not appear to be functioning properly, please try these helpful troubleshooting tips.

Please note, messages displayed on your Sirius XM radio screen may vary slightly from what’s noted below.

Make sure the Sirius XM antenna cable is firmly and securely plugged into the cradle.

Make sure the Sirius XM antenna cable is not bent or broken.