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This requires Mac OS X Yosemite for the Mac OS X update specific option, though prior versions of Mac OS and Mac OS X can choose to automatically install app updates if they wish (a similar, function, minus the system software updates).

The rest is handled for you behind the scenes, so when an Mac OS X update arrives, say an update to Yosemite like Mac OS X 10.10.1 or 10.10.2, that update would automatically download and install itself when it becomes available.

After having updated OS X to the latest version (currently version 10.10.4), you may find that while Mail will launch and display messages, it may not send or receive new ones.

The App Store, of course, only offers an upgrade to El Capitan, currently the newest OS X version.

Edit: This question is related (but only if Yosemite had been downloaded via the App Store in the past).

This is in addition to the existing options for automatically updating their Mac apps and installing important security updates too, making some of the more important maintenance tasks for Macs completely automated for the users who choose to enable these features.

Important: If you’re going to use this automatic system update option, be sure that Time Machine backups of the Mac are allowed to be made on a regular schedule.