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Debian vs rpm updating windows sidebar feeds not updating

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So in the final analysis it all comes down to which distro suits you best.

But then DEB is also used by Ubuntu and various other Debian derivatives.

It converts RPM packages to and installs them properly through dpkg.

RPM is in Debian repositories in the form of a package, which means if you want to install it..can.

Red Hat, Cent OS and Fedora are based on the old Red Hat Linux package management system, RPM. The name RPM variously refers to the file format, files in this format, software packaged in such files, and the package manager itself.

RPM was intended primarily for Linux distributions; the file format is the baseline package format of the Linux Standard Base.

Debconf can also almost do anything for you like: updating and restarting services, replace obsolete configurations and warn you about possible conflicts Besides Intel-based CPU's, you will also find official ports for ARM, MIPS, Power PC, and more.

Is Debian more stable and easier to use because it has many more distros based upon, or is RPM more stable and easier to use because two largest Linux companies like SUSE and Red Hat are based on RPM? Both rpm and deb files are just wrappers around archive formats.

And that has nothing to do with the package format, which users don't even notice.

RPM will bypass dpkg, so you may cause serious damage to your system.

If you need to install an rpm package, you must do it using the tool "alien".